HATEFEST 2015 Six Feet Under Marduk Vader Hate Plus extended guests: Eisregen, Debauchery April 2015 will see the return of the HATEFEST Tour. The unholy billing will be headlined by SIX FEET UNDER (US) together with MARDUK (SE), VADER (PL) and HATE (PL). Special guests on all weekend-dates will be EISREGEN (DE) and DEBAUCHERY (DE). [...]

NEGURA BUNGET (Romania) http://www.negurabunget.com/ https://www.facebook.com/negurabunget Negură Bunget is a black metal band from Timișoara, Romania whose atmospheric sound incorporates elements of progressive metal and folk. To this date, Negură Bunget have released 6 full length albums and 4 EPs. In 2006, Negură Bunget released OM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqAv_h2lswo, garnering significant attention from the extreme music press; for [...]

PAGAN FEST Tour heading out for the seventh time! PAGANFEST has been highly rated by Pagan and Folk-Metal-fans everywhere for years now. This appreciation is based on high-quality billings and fan-friendly conditions. Genre fanatics shall set a mark on their calendars for March 2015 and safe the date for the seventh edition of the most [...]

MOONSPELL – announce headlining tour for spring 2015! When blackness casts a veil over the lands and death and bane reach out for the defenseless mortals‘ souls with claws cold as ice, the end is near… or rather the beginning of Dark Metal‘s pitch-black triumphal march through Europe, led by the vanguards of their genre [...]

DEATH DTA ABYSMAL DAWN LOUDBLAST As many metal fans know, MASSACRE has broken up due to internal matters happening in the midst of our last North American tour with them in December. This sucks because it obviously means that MASSACRE will not be part of the upcoming European DEATH DTA Symbolic 20th Anniversary Tour. DTA’s [...]

BÖLZER ASCENSION VASSAFOR DYSANGELIUM Doors: 18:00 Start: 19:00 Presale: 15,00 € Box office: 18,00 € Get your ticket here

20.01.2015 Berlin-K17 INQUISITION – on Tour with ARCHGOAT, ONDSKAPT and BLACKDEATH A hefty huge dose of black metal is shortly coming towards us: INQUISITION will be touring with specials guests ARCHGOAT, ONDSKAPT and BLACKDEATH in 2015. Seems like it comes together what belongs together. All bands share the passion for sawing guitar sound, violently pounding [...]

10.01.2015 Berlin-K17 THE COMMITTEE DEATHROW KULT HALLIG Doors: 19:00 Start: 20:00 Presale: 15,00 € Box Office: 18:00 € Get your Ticket here

09.11.2014 Berlin-K17 SODOMIZER  HELLCANNON EVIL SPIRIT Doors: 19:00 Start: 20:00 Presale: 15,- € Doors: 18,- €

09.11.2014 Berlin-K17 APOKALYPTIC RAIDS WHIPSTRIKER FARSCAPE Doors: 19:00 Start: 20:00 Presale: 15,- € Doors: 18,- €